The Main Themes In ‘all The Light We Cannot See’ By Anthony Doerr

Over the years, many great authors have created novels. As time goes on, some literature pieces may become forgotten or irrelevant to younger generations. Sometimes certain topics no longer interest readers. For a novel’s relevance to remain, the theme or topic must always be something that connects with readers. The topic or theme must relate to an issue that affects all generations. The author can make it so memorable it will last for many years.

Anthony Doerr’s novel All the Light We Cannot see is a good example. This is achieved by the author through characterisation and conflict which can be connected to readers. The best novels will endure for many generations. The theme is what makes a novel stand out. This theme must be able to connect with readers so strongly that it will endure over time. The theme can be used to illustrate the struggles that a person must overcome. It was important to keep the story relevant to today’s readers.

A novel can be based on themes such as the meanings of small actions or the contrast of free will with predetermination. Many times, people think that insignificant actions have no significance. However, they are often more important than they realize. Etienne Lablanche used to broadcast a radio program. Etienne broadcasted his science lessons with the hope that someone might hear them, but he didn’t believe anyone heard it. Werner Pfennig, who he did not know had heard the broadcast, confirmed that it was him. Who broadcasted science lessons. They were broadcast by my sister when I was a kid. Ettine’s broadcast was deemed to be insufficient by Werner, but it actually helped him find his passion. Werner knew he would have to go to the coalmines once he turned fifteen. So he desperately seeks a solution to this fate. Werner followed this path throughout the novel.

The author wants to show readers that a seemingly insignificant act can actually have a much greater impact on someone else than they might think. It is a common occurrence in real life, but not something that everyone notices. It proves that all actions have an impact and are significant.

People don’t always understand the difference between free will and predetermination. People tend to assume the opposite or blame themselves for having no control of their lives. Marie-Laure talked to Werner and said that people thought she was brave because of her blindness. My life is changed when I wake. Wener responds, “Not for years.” Today maybe I did. But today. This scene illustrates the difference between predetermination and free will. She thought that her fate was set and she didn’t have any control. Werner’s life was taken from him. She has more control than Werner. Werner’s life has been controlled for years and he does not have any control over the decisions he makes. The author’s words make it clear that people are in control of their lives more than they believe. The author is saying that those who choose not to control their lives will be susceptible to manipulation from others. They also lose all senses of freewill. This refers back to people feeling like they don’t control their lives. The reader can relate to this more because they’ve experienced similar circumstances.



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